Which Generator is Right for You?

Generator sales spike around major storms which means that too many buyers shop when the power’s out. Don’t wait until the power is out to buy a generator. They deliver ultimate reliability, ensuring peace of mind before the power goes out. Bluetooth options are available for both Portable and Standby generators, allowing you to monitor the status of your generator from inside your home.


Portable Generators

Cost: Priced between $300 - $3,000

Fuel: Runs off of gasoline, propane or diesel. Requires manual refuelling during an extended power interruption.

Maintenance: Regular manual maintenance intervals required for readiness and long-life

Start Up: Must be switched on manually when the power goes out.

Standby Generators

Cost: Priced between $3,000 - $15,000

Fuel: No refuelling required. They run off your home's natural gas or liquid propane line.

Maintenance: Automatic maintenance and remote system monitoring.

Start Up: Automatically switches on when the power goes out.


Portable Generators

Portable generators all require a means of manually switching from NS Power to generator power. Following are the options that are available.

1. The first option, which is relatively new and works great on homes with an electrical service no greater than 200 amps, is to use a product called Generlink. This is a device that fits onto the existing meter base outside the home. Your portable generator simply plugs into the Generlink. The greatest benefit is that it allows you to use your entire panel up to the capacity of the generator. A brief disconnect by Nova Scotia Power is involved for installation, but we take care of this for you.

Cost – Labour, Material (excluding generator) and Permits - $1825.00 + HST

(Generlink is 30Amp Surge protected & comes with 20-foot cord. Extra charges apply for longer cord)

Portable Generator options start at $300.

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2. The second is to install a separate generator panel, along with a generator receptacle that is typically located outside, which your portable generator will plug into in order to power the panel. You will pick which electrical circuits you wish to keep on during an outage. Although your options are more limited, it is ideal for those looking to keep the fridge, heat and a couple circuits on.

Cost – Labour, Material (excluding generator) and Permits included – Starting @ $1200.00 + HST

Portable Generator options start at $300.

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Stand-By Generators with Automatic Transfer

Stand-by generators are a stationary Generator that will automatically switch on when you lose house power and will automatically turn off when house power is fully restored. They are typically larger than portable generators and depending on the size, can run most, if not your entire home.

They are ideal for those looking for peace of mind while travelling; those who like little disruption to their day; or for those who simply do not want to deal with the physical aspect of operating a portable generator when the power goes out.

Pricing varies based on capacity of generator – Labour, Material and Permits starting @ $5,000.00 + HST

Equipped with the available options and their associated costs, you are now ready to select what generator solution works best for you. Don’t get caught in the dark again! Connect with us today to plan your installation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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* Additional rates may apply to homes outside of the metro Halifax and Sydney areas *